Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Producer Slams Reviews and 6 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

Also in this Wednesday edition of The Broadsheet: Alex Pettyfer protested salary dispute by not cashing checks... The Little Miss Sunshine team gets back together... an Alfred Hitchcock classic gets teen'd up... and more ahead.

· Following on the heels of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark spokesman Rick Miramontez saying the onslaught of negative reviews was "UNCOOL," producer Michael Cohl has taken things one step further. "Any of the people who review the show and say it has no redeeming value are just not legitimate reviewers, period," he told EW. Looks like famed New York Times critic Ben Brantley better brush up his resume! [EW]

· Alex Pettyfer: Defiant, hotheaded young actor or just a guy with principles and self-determination? THR reports that Pettyfer got into a salary dispute on the set of I Am Number Four last year, which led to him protesting the film by not cashing any paychecks; according to the story, he only recently cashed the checks in December. Says a producer who has worked with Pettyfer: "Pick your words [for him]: ambitious, hungry, cocky, very ahead of himself -- but if he delivers, he'll be worth it." Apparently he is: A Dreamworks rep calls him "a great partner," and he's up for just about every single YA role in Hollywood. [THR]

· Reunion time! Paul Dano will re-team with Little Miss Sunshine directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris for He Loves Me. The film -- written by and co-starring Dano's girlfriend Zoe Kazan -- will follow a young writer (Dano) who pens the perfect girl for himself and "wills her into existence." Any room in this one for Alan Arkin? [LAT/24 Frames]

· Call me a philistine, but I don't totally mind seeing old Alfred Hitchcock films get the teen makeover treatment. After all, they're just far enough away from the source material that no one could take them seriously as a legitimate remake. As such, the news that The Man Who Knew Too Much (which Hitch himself remade) is getting an update doesn't bother me in the least. Any room in this one for Shia LaBeouf? [Bad Ass Digest]

· Craig Gillespie is now the front-runner to direct Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. And you thought today was going to suck! [Deadline]

· Speaking of genre fare: It looks like MGM dust-collectors Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn may actually get a chance at distribution thanks to Sony. [HitFix]

· Diane Keaton and Ed Harris will star in Look of Love. La-di-da. [THR]

· The casting news that disappointed thousands of horny boys looking for something else: Zooey Deschanel is in talks to star in the Fox pilot Chicks and Dicks from Movieline heroine Liz Meriwether. That title will change. [Deadline]