Game: Match the 'Big' One-Word Theme to the Film of the Best Director Nominee

Looks like reduction is the name of the game today! Variety has just asked all five Best Director nominees to sum up their entire film with a one word theme. Well, all of the nominees except David Fincher, who, true to form, had his editors chime in instead. Anyway, just to get your brains fired up in the morning, take a shot at matching each one word theme to the films, which actually have quite a bit overlap... you know, when they are reduced to one word.

The Films

1. The Social Network

2. Black Swan

3. True Grit

4. The King's Speech

5. The Fighter

The Themes

A. Friendship

B. Family

C. Perfection

D. Self-Determination

E. Motivation

Head over to Variety to see if you guessed right, and for commentary.


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