As Director Fights to Call Movie Untitled 3-D Shark Thriller, Here Are Literal Title Ideas for 11 More Movies

Apparently director David Ellis' victory with the Snakes on a Plane title just wasn't enough. Now the director has hit the internet with a campaign to title his upcoming 3-D shark thriller...Untitled 3-D Shark Thriller. As the director tells it, "The title says everything you need to know: 'We've got sharks.' 'It's in 3D.' and, 'It's a thriller.'" Fair enough! In honor of what will surely become a hot Hollywood trend, let's see how some other upcoming movies fare with literal, reductive titles.

As always, feel free to chime in with your own submissions.

Real Title: Cars 2

Alternate Title: Untitled Summer Pixar Movie, Merchandise Available

Real Title: Melancholia

Alternate Title: Untitled Lars Von Trier Film That Will Piss Most People off

Real Title: Auschwitz

Alternate Title: Untitled Uwe Boll Holocaust Film That Will Piss Everyone off

Real Title: Cowboys & Aliens

Alternate Title: Untitled Very Serious Blockbuster About Cowboys Fighting Aliens

Real Title: Super 8

Alternate Title: Untitled J.J. Abrams Homage to ET/The Goonies

Real Title: Red State

Alternate Title: Untitled > KEVIN SMITH!!!! < Horror Film

Real Title: Piranha 3DD

Alternate Title: Untitled 3-D Girls Gone Wild Film with Gore

Real Title: Battle: Los Angeles

Alternate Title: Untitled Sci-fi Version of Black Hawk Down

Real Title: Snow White and the Huntsman

Alternate Title: Untitled Adult Fairy Tale #3

Real Title: Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

Alternate Title: Untitled 3-D Sequel You will See Even though You Swore You Wouldn't: Highway Revisited

Real Title: Dark Knight Rising

Alternate Title: Untitled Highest Grossing Film Ever

Right. Hopefully this sort of title doesn't actually become a Hollywood trend.


  • Marcus says:

    Admittedly, I look at what's playing at the local theatre and think, what was that supposed to be about again. Some titles just are not that helpful these days. So why not.
    RT: Inception
    AT: Untitled more sophisticated version of dreamscape
    RT: Shrek
    AT Untitled politically correct version of beauty and the beast
    RT: Last action hero
    AT: Arnold Schwarzeneggerr parodies himself in a way that alienates his fans.
    RT: Twilight
    AT Untitled overly romanticized teen fantasy with vampires
    RT: Justin Beiber Never say never
    AT: Untitled movie you will never hear for all the screaming girls

  • NP says:

    *Real Title*: _Sanctum_
    *Alternate Title*: _Untitled James Cameron Shill_

  • The Winchester says:

    *REAL TITLE:* Avatar 2
    *ALTERNATE TITLE:* Untitled James Cameron Summer Home

  • CineRam says:

    Die Hard: Untitled Action Thriller Destined to be Imitated for the Next Twenty Years If Not Longer
    Die Hard 2: Untitled Action Thriller Sequel to an Original Action Thriller That Everyone Else Simply Ripped Off
    Die Hard With a Vengeance: Untitled Last Boy Scout Sequel
    Live Free or Die Hard: Untitled Twelve-Years-Since-the-Last-Installment Sequel That's Not Quite as Sad as Terminator 3 But Still Pretty Sad