New Trust Trailer with Clive Owen and Catherine Keener: Un-Friend My Heart

· An early version of the trailer for David Schwimmer's TIFF favorite Trust, the Clive Owen/Catherine Keener joint about a 14-year-old girl (Liana Liberato) who meets a boy online who isn't what he seems, circulated a few months ago. Here's a more final version. Get ready to change some privacy settings on your kids' everything. [Slashfilm]

· Sigourney Weaver was quite entertained by those untrue rumors about a romance with Roman Polanski, thank you very much. [Cinema Blend]

· Good news for Bachelor fans: The contestants will strip soon, and you can purchase the evidence. [Zap2It]

· We can all agree Rachel Bilson deserves a decent chance at another pilot, right? This may be it. [Deadline]

· Fox's new comedy Traffic Light may have a terrible name, but it could be a sleeper hit. [Zap2It]


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