Keith Olbermann Could Head to Current TV, and 6 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

Keith-Olbermann225.jpgIn this Tuesday edition of The Broadsheet: The Beaver gets pushed back again... Bristol Palin might write a memoir... America wins as Cobie Smulders is cast in The Avengers... and more ahead.

· Taking a page out of the Howard Stern playbook, deposed political talking head Keith Olbermann is reportedly going to announce sometime on Tuesday that he's headed for a job with Current TV. The public affairs channel -- which was founded with help from Al Gore -- would significantly curtail Olbermann's potential audience (it only reaches 60 million homes to MSNBC's 85 million), but it's hoped his presence would put Current on the map. Spoiler alert: It probably won't, but good luck to everyone! [NYT/Media Decoder]

· This could be totally hilarious: Bristol Palin is writing a memoir! Maybe. An page heralding the release of her untitled first book was discovered on Monday, leading many to believe the listed spring release was legitimate. Unfortunately, the page has been taken down, and Bristol herself refused to comment. Interesting? Not really, but you can see a cached version of the Amazon listing right here. [NYDN]

· You can't see me right now, but I'm beaming: Cobie Smulders has been officially added to the cast of The Avengers, confirming reports that she was the front-runner from over the weekend. America, f*ck yeah! [Variety]

· Maybe you should have booked those tickets to SXSW: Summit Entertainment has moved the release date of The Beaver back to May 6. Originally the Mel Gibson film was set for release in March. [Deadline]

· James Franco loves jobs! Now he's working on an Off-Broadway play and feature film based on his Three's Company exhibit at Sundance. [TV Guide]

· No expectations: Mike Newell is working on an updated version of Great Expectations. [THR]

· Lindsay Lohan wants Glee to stop picking on her mother. Does anyone else find it ironic to see a show that preaches tolerance rightly singled out for unnecessary bullying? [TMZ]