VIDEO: Kid from Adorable Darth Vader Volkswagen Commercial Also Adorable

For the record, Movieline HQ was buzzing about the Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial days before it aired on the Super Bowl. OK, so was the rest of the Internet, but, still! It was easily the best ad of the night -- sorry, Eminem and Timothy Hutton! -- and had the Super Bowl party I attended coursing with delight after it aired. One surprising question did arise, however: Was that an actual child underneath the Darth Vader helmet, or a little person? As one friend theorized, the hand gestures and acting seemed too good to simply belong to a precocious six-year-old. Except for the fact that apparently they did.

Say hello to Max Page, the tow-headed boy who starred as Vader in the spot. The youngster was interviewed on the Today show this morning and proved to be as adorable as the commercial itself. Watch the clip below, and please note: Any similarities between Page and a young Mark Hamill are strictly coincidental.

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