The Winklevi Can't Decide If The Social Network Made Them Look Good

· Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the twins who tried suing Mark Zuckerberg out of his Facebook fortune, go back and forth -- like true rowers -- on whether The Social Network portrayed them in a positive light. They can agree that Armie Hammer turned in a fine performance, but you'll notice their optimism fades after Piers Morgan notes that the film made them look, eh, a little miserable. [CNN]

· Wire alum Isiah Whitlock has been honing his meta-Wire mockery. Here he is saying more lines as Omar in Cedar Rapids. [Vulture]

· You were not invited to drink fancy beer at the White House's Super Bowl party, and you should feel horrible about it. [Yahoo]

· David Letterman is talking openly about his bouts with clinical depression. [Canoe]

· Finally, this is exactly how Justin Bieber should be cast in classic movies. I wonder what Simon Cowell would say about this. [NextMovie]