In Memoriam: Watch Actress Tura Satana Beat Up Men, Battle Astro Zombies

Cult actress Tura Satana, who was best known for the Russ Meyer's classic killer vixen flick Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, passed away this weekend in Reno, NV from heart failure. While her face has been immortalized from her work with Meyer, Santana stayed mostly off of the radar later on, especially after a few tragic events including a car accident and a gunshot from a former lover. However, besides Pussycat, she also starred in one of the worst-reviewed films on imdb. And yes, the film, Astro-Zombies, is amazing.

The opening scene alone which shows wayyy too much the film's first victim's drive home is totally unnecessary...but at the same time, who is to say in didn't inspire the entire film of The Brown Bunny and countless other art films since?

Once Santana shows up, things just get better (worse?). Though Satana really isn't to blame for the quality of the film. She brings the same straight-faced vamp conviction to this role as she did to Meyers' film and if anything, makes the astro-zombie adventure even more fun than it already was.

And just to complete the tribute, here is her famous fight scene in Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! Rest in peace.