Today's Awards-Season Trading Card Star: Javier Bardem

It's time once again to return to Movieline's recently undertaken mission to honor this year's acting and directing nominees with a tribute that will surely outlive any trophy they could ever hope to receive: one of our daily inaugural Awards-Season Trading Cards. Today, let's give it up for Best Actor nominee Javier Bardem!

[Click below for a bigger image, and click here to browse the full collection as it's unveiled.]


[Figures via Box Office Mojo]


  • Smarmy Fierstein says:

    How do you choose what to include in these career retrospective? I mean, for most of us, our introduction to Javier Bardem was as the naked matador in "Jamon Jamon," which was released in this country and did receive some attention. So I just wondered why some movies are omitted.

  • You're absolutely right; Jamon Jamon is an important film and should be included. Most of the time any omissions are a byproduct of unavailability of domestic box-office data; a bunch of n/a's look a little dumb filling up that column. On the other hand, it's even dumber to have not included Jamon Jamon, so hey.
    That said, part of the fun of collecting trading cards is the occasional error card, so maybe chalk this up accordingly? It's worth that much more! 🙁