'Hell to the No!': Gleebasing, Super Bowl Edition

If certain drug users are most at risk of overdosing on their first hit after a period of sobriety, then the epic midseason premiere of Glee, "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle," certainly sent some Gleebasers into the hospital. (Located right behind the Breadstix and across the street from the intersection where Schue cried in his car.) Not only was the over-sized episode a shock to the previously Gleeless system, but it was a new strain of Ryan Murphy drug, cut with Katy Perry singles, fake breasts, BMX bikes and Mel Gibson jokes. Whatever happened to the pure Glee that they aired back in 2010? Now that was the good sh*t.

In case you hadn't figured it out thus far, over at Movieline, Glee is considered a drug because while you're doing it, you feel warm, happy and compelled to trade in your week's paycheck for another dose -- or at least Glee-branded merch. But then the next morning, you wake up shivering on a futon with only the memory of Schue white-rapping at a school assembly, the sense that all of your electronics and clean spoons are gone, and the realization that you have a serious problem.

That is how last night's Glee event unraveled. It began with a promising jolt of cynicism from Sue Sylvester that mirrored the thoughts of its viewers. As she watched the Cheerios gyrate to Katy Perry's "California Girls" and shoot fire from their breasts as BMX bikers flipped behind them, Jane Lynch's character lamented that she was bored. (What would she have thought of the Black-Eyed Peas' halftime show then?) After continually topping themselves (as Glee has done with its growing budget and anticipated tribute episodes), she had lost her lust for life and winning.

Meanwhile, Glee's male characters play football -- because the Super Bowl viewers who had been tricked into watching the first few minutes of Glee (damn you, Katy Perry and your sexy songs!), might be interested in watching more football. Especially when it involves beastly high school characters like Karofsky calling out his gay peers. But homophobia does not win out in this scene because after Finn defends Kurt (for any Super Bowl fans who were tricked into watching the entire episode and now reading this recap, Kurt is the show's openly gay hero), the team loses. (I wonder if a homophobic slur made by one of the Steelers during a huddle during last night's game cost the team their seventh Super Bowl win? We may never know.)

Of course Schue knows how to reunite the football team...through song. So he tries to adopt Karofsky and the football team to the glee club to the protests of everyone. Like Mercedes, who yells, "Hell to the no!" But Schue tempts the warring sides by declaring that he wants them to perform the "most iconic song of all time. "The Super Bowl of pop anthems." That's "Thriller," y'all. And then to illustrate how this Michael Jackson classic unites, he references Philippine prisoners who bonded over the tune, because imprisoned murderers are comparable to high school kids who shove each other in hallways.

Meanwhile, Sue buys a German-made cannon to launch her Cheerios to certain death, but when Principal Figgins denies this stunt, she trashes the school and somehow manages to reschedule Cheerio Regionals on the same day as the big football championship. So Quinn, Santana and Brittany must decide, again, if they're with the Gleeks.

Also, when Karofsky and a few other players quit the team because they don't like the direction that their New Directions career is going -- Mercedes, Tina, Rachel and Lauren end up suiting up in football gear. It is a chance for Ryan Murphy to prove that women can do anything. Except play football. When the chicks help the team lose the first half of the game, everyone realizes that the only way for McKinley High to get redemption is by killing it at the halftime show. So they do, with that epic "Thriller"/"Heads Will Roll" mash-up.

And then (spoiler alert), Quinn thinks Finn for his support by kissing him!!!

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  • pinkyt says:

    "Finn and Sam half-heartedly shoving each other." I kind of liked this, b/c it felt like Sam and Finn's special little tribute to "Bring it On". I also liked the little digs at Dina Lohan (and her poor dog!) as losers of the year. But otherwise, definitely a "meh" return for the show.
    I hate to add to the chorus of folks saying this show has lost its spark but... well, at least maybe taking itself a little less seriously would be a step in the right direction.

  • Quinn says:

    I loved She's Not There! Glad to see Cory get some recognition. Basically, all of the zombie-gleek moments were great!
    Finn/Quinn kiss was definitely a low not for me, too .... I am Team Finchel still!
    Over all, a rush of an episode! Good thing we only need to wait another day for another hit of the Glee drug. 😉

  • Frank says:

    I liked Need You Now. Anyway I am tired of the more recent songs, so if you meant it as being overplayed yes .
    If Finn goes back with Quin there is no hope for him. Quinn isproalby only using him to be popular since sheis off the Cherrios and he won the big game.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    The brilliant dig at Dina Lohan "she's a loser" and componded by adding Dina's pet dog Sparky "loser by default" was worth listening to all that autotune. Amazed we haven't heard anything about Dina meeting with her lawyers, then again, the week's still young.

  • stakeit says:

    Why does it hurt people that there was a song in the mix for pure entertainment?! (Especially since it was awesome.)