David Fincher, Scott Rudin No-Shows at Today's Oscar-Nominee Luncheon

Today's the day this year's Academy Awards darlings convened for the nominees luncheon, that annual ritual where power brokers, megastars, Hollywood up-and-comers and respected craftspeople get together and bond over mutual fortune and the occasional quest to locate some Tide-2-Go for errant wine droplets. Another topic of conversation: The whereabouts of David Fincher and Scott Rudin, the reeling Social Network tandem who were nowhere to be found.

While hardly scandalous, Fincher's absence was a going concern among some Oscar-beat writers on the scene, at least one of whom sympathized with the embattled director: "I wouldn't be there either if I were him." This isn't how we rebuild mojo! (A rep for Sony confirmed to me that Fincher was unavailable, busy instead shooting The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.) Meanwhile, another report noted the absence of producer Rudin, a seemingly perennial luncheon attendee who was said to be laid up with pneumonia. Eek! Get well, Scott! Also, Harvey Weinstein may have eaten your lunch -- and I don't mean the sushi.

For the record, Jesse Eisenberg, Aaron Sorkin and Trent Reznor were among several TSN nominees who did show up, so the film was well-enough represented. May their glasses have been full and salads delicious. Group photo forthcoming!

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