Kneel Before Ursa: New Superman Movie To Feature The Female Baddie

Wonder no more, my little chickadees, about what that strange short list of women who weren't going to play Lois Lane in the new Superman reboot meant. Word on the street is, they're all in the running to play Ursa, the Kryptonian villainess from Superman II.

Just to refresh your memory, Ursa was the right-hand woman to the evil General Zod; imprisoned in the Phantom Zone with him, the two, along with ogreish Non, escape to wreak havoc on the world. Ursa's turn-ons include the suffering of all men everywhere, badges taken as battle trophies, and reruns of The Bachelorette.

Oddly enough, Zack Snyder has sworn on a stack of Action Comics that Zod would not be in his reboot, which makes the presence of Ursa slightly surprising. Ursa and Zod go together like violent peas and sadistic carrots, so having one without the other is a bit unusal. Was Snyder fibbing? Is Ursa going solo? Or perhaps, like the first Superman, is this just a cameo in preparation for a larger role in the sequel?

kruger_pike_eve_500.jpgWhatever the case, out of the three rumored actresses vying for the role -- Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike and Alice Eve -- I'm pulling for Diane Kruger. She's got just the right blend of fair-eyed beauty and steel-jawed Germanic bitch to make it work.

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  • TurdBlossom says:

    Ursa = Morena Baccairn. Make it happen Snyder.

  • Dixon Gaines says:

    Frankly, that'd be a strong contender for me too, but Snyder seems to want himself a blond Ursa for whatever reason.

  • Cameron says:

    The three girls pictured there certainly all have the ruthless, teutonic look. Rosamund Pike is the first choice for me, and for Snyder too I bet. I hope that Ursa being in Snyder's film is a set-up for Zod in a sequel. The greatest scene in all of the Superman films, is where Clarke gets his ass handed to him by a bully in a Diner (after giving up his powers for Lois) and then watching Zod on tv, in the Whitehouse, yelling for Superman to face him.

  • Cameron says:

    Morena Baccairn is 5'7"
    Alice Eve is 5'6"
    Diane Kruger is 5'5"
    Rosamund Pike is 5'9" - Obvious first choice.

  • nando says:

    Yeah. 'Cause that's how you make major casting decisions on a $300 million blockbuster: over which actress is a couple of inches taller than the other one.

  • Usherette says:


  • chuck says:

    this sounds boring already.

  • ken says:

    Great news! A relationship with a female villain would be a new thing for Superman movies. Reminds me of how the Joker wasn't used in Batman Begins. Hope Luthor and Zod are not in this one.

  • The Winchester says:

    Is it wrong that I once dated a girl because (and only because) she looked like Ursa?
    Or just wrong to admit it here?

  • Dimo says:

    Shit, that's nothing. I dated a girl who looked like Non. She could only make weird noises, and enjoyed being caged.

  • casting couch says:

    Rosamund Pike with dark hair would be my choice. She's English, as Zod's casting should be too.

  • jameson says:

    Totally booooring choices. Ursa should be either Asian, indian or at least darker skin. Why all the same people we see over and over?
    Why was Ursa great when Sarah Douglas played her? Because she was new and so there was a mystery to her. The role needs a new face who is an intriguing actress and racially ambiguous please.

  • Nanya says:

    "steel-jawed Germanic bitch"
    That's racist.

  • Nanya says:

    Jameson said: "The role needs a new face who is an intriguing actress and racially ambiguous please."
    It is racist to ask for a racially ambiguous person to play Ursa, who was created when white American culture was much more prominent, thus serving as a reflection of that time. Would you suggest that, should "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" be remade, non-Asians should replace some of the main characters just for "newness'" sake? I think not.

  • TomTom says:

    @Nanya: I would like to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon re-done with an all-White cast. After all, I don't like seeing the same people over and over again. 🙂

  • Helen Hunts says:


    • professional movie audience interviewer says:

      I agree totally, in fact I did an official survey of movie-goers and guess what!!!! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT agree!!!! Um hell-ooooo hollyWOOOD you might want to listen to the rumbling crowd LoL!

      • HELENT HUNTS says:

        It would also be great if they could make sure to pay Sarah Douglas in cash when they make the movie. I think there was research that said that too. And also I saw research that said Sarah Douglas was even more popular when she was paired with a blonde woman who also had magic powers like flying. The blonde woman should have her own trailer and they should give her an advance on her salary like right now to make sure her car doesn't get repossessed.