Yes, Sorry: Zac Efron Left a Party with Teresa Palmer

zac_efron_getty250.jpgLast night, Movieline attended the first press screening of Take Me Home Tonight, the upcoming 80's-themed rom-com featuring Topher Grace, Anna Faris and Teresa Palmer -- the latter of whom arrived at the film's afterparty with a famous date whose attendance might have sparked a minor cultural meltdown.

Zac Efron mingled with Palmer and the rest of Relativity Media's guests following the screening, where the cheerful Aussie-born actress could barely contain her excitement. A little less excited was Efron, whom I briefly caught up with to talk about the movie. He confessed not having seen it yet but looking forward to it. Maybe he was there representing for Relativity, then, for a forthcoming project? Nope. "I'm just here for my friends," he said. "And I always have fun at these kinds of events."

About 10 minutes later he and Palmer left the party -- together. And this less than a month after he and fellow Disney alum Vanessa Hudgens were said to have revived their relationship! A related tweet from E! correspondent Cristina Gibson -- "Zac Efron and Teresa Palmer? Hear they're together at a screening right now...interesting" -- sparked panic on Twitter, with Efron and Hudgens fans alike railing against the heartthrob. "the zanessa fans will be hurt when they find out this time the reports are true zac is cheating on vanessa and making her believe he is not," wrote one obsessive, with more to come no doubt. Anyway! This happened.


  • amanda says:

    Yes Zac Efron did cheat on Vanessa Hudgens he said while she was in North Carolina she would not know what he did and that she knew her place and knows that her career will not go far without him to his male friend who did tell Zac it was not cool what he was doing the male told him to be careful but Zac said he is so famous now his fans will follow him not Vanessa wrong Zac your fans will not follow you because now we know you are fake.

  • sammy says:

    Zac WTF are you doing? dude slow down although Teresa Palmer hooking up with zac right before to of your movies hit the box office was smart or maybe a lil stupid depending on the out come..

  • amelia25 says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!! Zac can´t be change so fast, he was always a very sensitive one, a diferent boy of the rest of hollywood ones.

  • yollyme says:

    I'm just really confused with this news because he flew to North Carolina to spend time with Vanessa last weekend and then to suddenly turn around and start dating this unknown starlet? I think Zac has more sense that that. But of course he's a guy so may be he's going to a mid-life crisis at an early age. Well, if this is true, kiss your career good-bye, Zac. I think more people would be more sympathetic towards Vanessa who's been working hard. She's remain very mum about this whole relationship thing.

  • Joan says:

    I Love How The Media Make This STUPID AND FALSE Stories Reallly The True Zanessa Fans Know That This is Just a STUPID RUMOR

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Wow. Points for loyalty, Zanessans.

  • Joey Viner says:

    Wow at no love for Topher Grace. I'll just make up the rumor that he left with me, his new gay lover, and we totally had way more sex than Teresa did last night. I HOPE YOU ENJOY BEING A SLUT TEZ. K, that's better, totally even.
    Oh and I enjoyed Ms. Palmer's performance in both Take Me Home Tonight and I Am Number Four, so no hard feelings. I get it, Zac Efron's hot and he'll make you mad famous, whatever, can't blame you.

  • Skylar says:

    Enough with all these lies already. Teresa's already come out with the statement saying it's not true. Gosh, give the poor guy a break. Zac's still the same guy he's always been. Why does Hollywood keep trying to make him look like a playboy. That's not Zac. Stop believing all these rumors guys, seriously.

  • Robert says:

    Teresa only did that to cover her azz from the onslaught of Zanessa freaks do you not think their representatives did not read what you all posted from Eonline to Just Jared to even this site? She did it to save face. What they reported is true he did do those things this speaking from someone who was actually there and yes he is now the big headed typical Hollywood playboy wants his cake and ice cream Teresa is a opportunist she was hoping Zac would release a break up statement from Vanessa so they could hook up he has only known her for two weeks. He wants Vanessa and this girl to but Teresa now realizes he used her for a booty call and was not about to make a official break from Vanessa. You all do not realize that Gina Hoffman did her best to save face for Zac since he was losing fans. Think Teresa wanted to release that statement think again she broke up with Nash last year. Way to go Zac screw a girl everyone has been with thinking you wouldn't get caught while Vanessa works her butt off in NC. CAA better start cleaning up your boys mess before he ruins face even more time for you all to pull the plug on his clubbing and drinking before he goes to rehab like his two buddies Miley and Demi. Vanessa at least has been a more responsible adult who respected herself and her relationship with Zac this is her golden ticket out of this relationship where she is not respected. Vanessa you are a good girl don't take this crap from a man whos last two movies flopped.

  • anon says:

    omg i love you for saying this!! Vanessa has auditioned for umpteen films..won roles outright all along the way on her own. She's had more self respect than any of her costars her age. while zac has been making crappy movies.
    I have so much respect for her. She's stayed silent and kept to herself. Walked the fine line of work and keeping herself quiet about this whole thing. She's been with the one guy she's dated for 5 years, and you have never EVER heard about her being loose or checking out other guys while with him...NOT ONCE.
    You know, I used to not follow her but after stomaching zac's newest movies, i'm kind of starting to and tbh, her career is far more promising than his is right now.
    maybe that's why he did this, to ruin her and hurt her. He's a jerk. I can't even with guys like that anymore. he needs to man up do his job and keep to himself, though now it seems he's off partying again.
    I can't wait till he and teresa are back in the same town. Expecting for them to continue to hook up. What an ass.

  • michelle says:


  • michelle says:

    ..I agree YOUR All sUch a cReep..!!