VIDEO: James Franco Makes His Own Oscar Promo with an iPhone

I guess this video of James Franco rocking out while an assistant shaves him with what looks like a disposable razor is a promo for his Oscar hosting gig. According to the description, "James likes to relax with a nice shave and a song before he hosts any award shows." Alright James, don't you mean three weeks before you host any awards show? In any case, if you were sad that you missed Franco's karaoke at Sundance, this will help make up for it. And his song choice is fantastic.

The song is called Cruisin' For Love, and it's by a British country rock group from the 70's called The Kursaal Flyers. If you feel like listening to it without Franco's vocal track, I've included the live version after the video, which for my money is a little better because of the killer bass line.


  • Will Birch says:

    As co-writer of the song 'Cruisin' For Love' (with guitarist Graeme Douglas) for our band Kursaal Flyers' second album in 1975, I am thrilled to hear James Franco's dressing room version! I am of course intrigued to know how James got to hear the song, as it was not a hit. Anyone know?

  • Brian Clark says:

    No idea - but it should have been a hit! Maybe Franco will help a younger generation rediscover it.