Trailer: Choose Oscar Short Film Winners Based on Short Clip from Each Nominee

Once again, Magnolia Pictures will be bringing all of the Academy Award nominees for Best Short Film in the Documentary, Animation and Live Action categories to theaters, and also to your home via VOD. So those who want to get serious about predicting the Oscars can watch them all, take notes and crunch whatever numbers you feel necessary before making a decision. Or if you only want to get sort of serious, you can try to guess based on the trailer, which shows the title and a few seconds from each nominee.

Besides Day and Night, which most of the world saw attached to Toy Story 3, most of these should be new. Based on the one second clips, I'm going with God of Love, Lost Things, and...wait a second. There are two documentary films missing from this trailer. Guess we'll have to watch the whole thing after all!

Verdict: Sold

[Via Shadow and Act]