The Weinstein Company Already Using Queen Elizabeth II's Endorsement of The King's Speech

That was fast! Barely three hours after it began circulating that Queen Elizabeth II saw -- and apparently loved -- The King's Speech, The Weinstein Company released a press release trumpeting her royal approval. But will the quick response wind up backfiring?

First, let's take a look at the full press release, courtesy of Deadline:

New York, NY, February 4, 2011 - The Weinstein Company (TWC) is honored to learn that Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, has enjoyed a private screening of THE KING'S SPEECH, as reported by Duncan Larcombe, Royal Editor, in today's edition of The Sun. The film, directed by Tom Hooper and written by David Seidler, tells the story of Her Majesty's father, King George VI, as he struggles to overcome a crippling speech impediment while grappling with his sudden, unexpected ascension to throne and the mounting danger of Nazi Germany. THE KING'S SPEECH stars Colin Firth as King George VI, Geoffrey Rush as the King's speech therapist, Lionel Logue, and Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

THE KING'S SPEECH has been seen and admired by many notable public figures, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, who hosted a private screening at his home over the Christmas holidays; Prince Andrew; Lord and Lady William Astor; Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill; and Edwina Sandys, the granddaughter of Winston Churchill (portrayed in the film by Timothy Spall).

Screenwriter David Seidler said, "To learn Her Majesty has seen the film, and was moved, in turn moves and humbles me greatly. When, thirty years ago, the Queen Mother asked me to wait and not tell this story during her lifetime, because the memory of these events was still too painful, I realized the depths of the emotions involved. Now this story has been written and filmed with a great deal of love, admiration, and respect for Her Majesty's father. That Her Majesty has responded favorably to this, is wonderfully gratifying."

Said Harvey Weinstein, TWC co-Chairman and executive producer of THE KING'S SPEECH, "On behalf of the director Tom Hooper; the producers, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin; Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and our entire ensemble cast: we are deeply honored and humbled by Her Majesty's appreciation of the film. It was a labor of love for all of us and this is high praise, indeed."

Indeed. But! Before you fans of The Social Network pack up shop for the winter, consider this: Queen Elizabeth II has nearly 12,000 more fans on Facebook than The King's Speech does, and The Social Network has almost 650,000 more fans both. Which means that The Social Network's influence is still lording over this knock-down-drag-out Oscar race like a non-stuttering king. Right? Right? Right??!

OK, not really. But it's Friday, so I'm allowed this fit of Social Network Oscar spinning. If Barack Obama really loved The Social Network, he should probably find time to squeeze that reveal in during his Super Bowl interview with Bill O'Reilly. Just sayin'.

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