Salt, Alice in Wonderland and the Worst-Reviewed Films Nominated For an Oscar

The gold standard for bad movies getting Oscar love has to be 2007's multiple Razzie-winning Norbit, which earned an Oscar nod for Best Make-up, and from that moment forward demanded to be called by its rightful name: "The Academy Award-Nominated Norbit." (Shudder.) This year's crop of Oscar-nominated critical duds are cinematic masterworks by comparison -- and most of them can thank the thankless effects, costume, and sound mixing technicians for the profile-boost -- but still... who'da thunk these 8 films would have come this far?

Click here to launch the slideshow, and make your predictions: Which film will go down in history as the Norbit of 2011?


  • Betty Botox says:

    I watched SALT for the second time last night and liked it better the second time around. For my money it was an extremely well done film in every department. The ending leads one to believe there will be a SALT II. Will there be? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • burlivesleftnut says:

    The Wolfman is an excellent film. Don't get why it got such a critical drubbing.