Oh, Of Course: Pam Grier Taught Richard Pryor to Read

pryor120.jpgEven though Richard Pryor gave her a coke-encrusted vagina once, Mars Attacks! seventeenth-lead Pam Grier claims she taught the comic legend to read while they were dating. In her new memoir, Grier recalls, "He would learn his lines phonetically and people would help him learn his lines, but he'd say, 'Baby, I wanna learn how to read, and I wanna read War & Peace." I thought I sensed some Napoleonic angst in Brewster's Millions. [Cinema Blend]


  • TheNegotiator says:

    I can believe it. I worked for a B-list director who was an enabled illiterate. He would have his assistants record scripts like books on tape and read back memos and emails to him. No wonder he was a paranoid freak.

  • easy reader says:

    Don't be so ruff on Pam, show some respect. You think performers are encouraged to self-educate?