New Trailer for Teen Assassin Flick Hanna: There Will Be Jokes

While the idea of Eric Bana raising Saoirse Ronan in the woods to be a ruthless killer a little funny in its way, the first trailer for Joe Wright's Hanna played it's little-girl assassin story pretty straight. Now, thanks to those laughter-loving Brits, we have a new trailer that still looks like fun, and shows off the lighter side of being a lethal, adolescent rogue.

Don't get me wrong, most of the action, violence and cryptic advice from Bana is still here. But this trailer expands a bit more on Hanna's interactions with other teens and her attempts to adapt to normal society. There's nothing classic per say (Just guess how her first kiss ends...), but it's nice to see Wright varying the tone some and further distinguishing this from a Bourne rehash with a young girl.

As with the first trailer, the Chemical Brothers score still sounds great and Cate Blanchett still looks like she's having more fun than anyone else.

Verdict: Still sold!

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