Movieline's Week in Review: Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Look at Paul Giamatti's face and just try to pretend you're not totally pumped for the weekend. As the curtain draws closed on the first week of February, it's time for another edition of Movieline's patented Week in Review. Check back here Saturday and Sunday to experience the delights of weekend editor Dixon Gaines, and don't forget: Bring something to the Super Bowl party you're attending. It is so not cool to show up empty handed.

· Speaking of which: What does Super Bowl weekend mean for Glee?

· The biggest drag about the latest "Hollywood Issue" cover of Vanity Fair was that they snubbed Tyler Perry and Cobie Smulders. (Again! Wankers!)

· Meanwhile Hollywood hyperventilated -- unnecessarily so -- as The King's Speech overtook The Social Network in the 2011 Oscar derby.

· Many thanks to this week's interviewees, including Jeff Bridges, Jeremy Piven, Dominic Cooper, Maggie Q, John Hawkes, Lake Bell, drunk Jack McBrayer and Verge designee Rhys Wakefield.

· Mark Zuckerberg cameoed on Saturday Night Live. Alas.

· One can only hope Community's blackface elf someday receives as loving a tribute as we gave Lost's enduring characters.

· A certain cretinous slob was not among the 12 filmakers or films to watch from this year's Sundance Film Festival.

· Angry Paul Giamatti prepared us all for the Bad Movie We Love eventuality of Ironclad.

· At least one wildly disturbed Best Supporting Actor made the cut in our Oscar acceptance-speech tutoria.

· RIP John Barry and Maria Schneider.