Let's Rank the Super Bowl Movie Trailers in Order of Anticipation

14 movie trailers will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, meaning even if you don't like football, you'll probably get enough of an entertainment fix to keep your brain occupied for a few hours. In between making beer runs and Googling queso dip recipes, your friends at Movieline HQ have spent the better part of the day ruminating over the planned movie marketing explosion and have ranked the 14 from least anticipated to most. Click ahead for your handy Super Bowl commercial excitement chart.

14. Drive Angry 3-D

Fun Drinking Game Idea #1: Take a shot every time Nicolas Cage fires a shotgun out of a moving car.

13. Battle: Los Angeles

No you can enjoy the awkwardly moody trailer from the comfort of your own Super Bowl party instead of a crowded theater.

12. Priest

Fun Drinking Game Idea #2: Take a shot every time someone frowns.

11. Just Go With It

Just Guessing #1: This trailer for Just Go With It will highlight Brooklyn Decker in various revealing bikinis.

10. The Eagle

Just Guessing #2: Focus Features' trailer for The Eagle will include lots of heavy metal.

9. Limitless

Fun Drinking Game Idea #3: Take a shot every time Bradley Cooper affects his "I'm Bradley Cooper" smirk.

8. Rio

Fun Drinking Game Idea #4: Take a shot every time this trailer references something about the fact that it's a kids movie focused on two birds that will eventually have sex.

7. Thor

The trailers for Thor have been confusing thus far, but a great Super Bowl spot can change the tone for everyone. Fingers crossed for Marvel that they're ready.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Once more into the breach. It's to Johnny Depp's credit that these movies still look moderately passable.

5. Rango

Is it just me or has the ad campaign for Rango been brilliant? Here's hoping the Super Bowl spot includes more behind the scenes footage of Johnny Depp and the cast "acting". Inventive way to separate your film from the other animated films.

4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

So far we've only been shown an announcement trailer -- and it looks pretty cool! Perhaps a full commercial during the Super Bowl will explain why Bumblebee has it out for used car salesmen.

3. Cowboys & Aliens

Every time I've seen the trailer for Cowboys & Aliens in the theater, people have laughed at the title. The new Super Bowl spot needs to show audiences that the film either has a sense of humor, or that it's just about the most badass summer action film on the horizon.

2. Captain America: The First Avenger

Some commenters gave me guff before after pointing out some issues with the Captain America poster, yet of all the superheroes coming this summer, none intrigue me more! There's the train wreck potential, sure, but unlike many of the other films on this list, Captain America is one of the only tentpoles on the schedule without a trailer. All that we've seen is some blurry ET footage. Joe Johnston has been mocked, but like Thor, a great trailer can change the fanboy conversation in an instant.

1. Super 8

Speaking of unseen blockbusters: If the trailer for Super 8 is the same one that ran last summer, I'm going to toss a beer can at the television. (Apologies in advance to the friends who invited me over to watch the game.)


  • CiscoMan says:

    Fun Drinking Game Idea #5: Take a shot every time Adam Sandler is hit in the balls in an ad for "Just Go With It."

  • Paul says:

    Are you watching the same Super Bowl game I am? The best movie promo so far - and there have been plenty (yawn!) - is the one for the latest edition in the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise. I was happy to see that one. The rest are pretty boring.