Latest Lea Michele Magazine Controversy Not That Controversial

LeaMicheleCosmo225.jpgWhy can't Glee star Lea Michele catch a break with parents? First, she posed in that scandalous GQ photo spread and then she allegedly snubbed True Grit sweetheart Hailee Steinfeld -- inciting the wrath of her fans' parents. Now, Cosmo magazine has unveiled its March cover, which shows the actress posing in a plunging neckline alongside headlines like "The Sex Quiz", "Get Naked," and Movieline HQ's personal favorite, "For His Thighs Only." Should we be surprised, and more importantly, should we be angry?

The consensus over here at Movieline is no, mainly because unlike the GQ photo spread, Michele is fully clothed -- not simulating fellatio on a lollipop and not posing spread eagle in a men's locker room. That's called progress, people! But some parents, who Fox News tracked down, did not share our opinion about the 24-year-old actress.

"It's irresponsible to be using an adult who represents a minor dressed in provocative clothes," Suzette Valle, a blogger and parent of two teenagers, told Fox News. "I think Cosmo is now taking advantage of the raucous GQ caused with their Glee cover and hoping to cash in on the press that got."

Listen, teenage girls are going to get their hands on Cosmo magazine regardless of who is on the cover, and every edition offers the same kind of randy advice about how to please your man sexually. Lea Michele is not exactly upending a respectable Cosmo tradition here! The real problem though might be that if parents have a problem with one plunging neckline, maybe they missed some of the racier Glee storylines -- about lesbian lip locks, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality in high school -- and coming this Sunday, Katy Perry-inspired breast pyrotechnics, which will get teenagers' hearts racing more than Lea Michele's tasteful cleavage.

· Glee Star Lea Michele's Sexy Switch Has Moms Mad [Fox News]


  • Frank says:

    Much ado about nothing..again. People really need to just leave Lea alone she really isn't doing anything that deserves so much negative press.

  • HwoodHills says:

    Just for argument's sake...
    She's playing a kid in high school and posing for the cover of Cosmo with the biggest headlines reading:
    Maybe there might be one or two parents out there who feel this is a conflicting message for their daughters?

  • blizzard bound says:

    But Hwoodhills, Cosmo ALWAYS has had these articles, since the beginning of time.
    My feeling is, when it comes to sexual innuendo and sex-related articles, kids pretty much take in whatever they can handle. A young girl is going to buy Cosmo and look at the pictures. The other stuff really doesn't hold much interest for them. (And probably, most old "girls" do the same.) It's about the clothes and the pictures. And doing the sex quiz for fun, if you are a little older.

  • blizzard bound says:

    The whole over-sexualization of female actresses is another topic, however. I guess that is nothing more than pure consumer culture at its finest (and saddest): Sex sells. And so they do it.
    Personally I think they should bring back illustrated covers for a year. All the magazines. And give us all a visual vacation from the barrage of doctored faces. Wouldn't that be nice?

  • Chris says:

    For the record....Ms. Michele starred on Broadway in Spring Awakening...and along with her BFF and former Glee co-star Jonathan Groff, appeared naked on-stage 8 times a week...before starring on Glee. So take that parental units!

  • Holly says:

    Really? What kind of kid is staring at the cover of cosmo? And that picture is pretty tame compared to what they had in the past. Cosmo is called the 'sex bible' right next to karma sutra. And glee drops references to steroids and other things on a regular basis. Miley doing this cover would be gross, but Lea is over 20 years old.

  • candi says:

    i'd just like to point out, incase anyone else hasn't yet (forgive me if i'm repeating i didn't read the entire thread of comments), that not only is Lea Michele a grown woman who has the right to pose however she likes wearing whatever she likes, and NOT a 15 year old girl like she plays on tv. but also that if parents are so concerned, they should explain to their children the difference between tv and reality. who she plays on tv is not who she is in real life. furthermore the target demographic of Glee is 17-25 ish so if you are letting your child watch it. that's your fault. it's primetime on fox. not an afterschool special on nickelodeon. so to be suprised they broach topics like sex is obsurd. they're teenagers in highschool.... duh....

  • Phil says:

    I think people need to calm down. Parents need to leave Lea Michele alone. She didn't do anything bad/horrible. She's just on the cover of a magazine with a low cut dress. She isn't even showing anything major. Everyone can't be making an argument about what she's wearing! She's old enough to decide what to wear and she's old enough to choose her own outfits to wear. She doesn't need parents basically telling her what to wear and how to wear it. Also she's old enough to make her own decisions. If she wants to wear a low cut dress then let her wear one. It's her decisions because she's old enough and she doesn't need others to tell her how to dress. And in my opinion she looks amazing in the GQ photoshoot and the Cosmo magazine. She should keep on doing what she is doing and keep dressing the way she is dressing cause it's her decision. She should have no shame in the way she looks. She doesn't even need sexy outfits and make up to look beautiful. She is beautiful with out that stuff still. I love Lea Michele. She can sing, act, and she's gorgeous. I'd love to meet her in person. And she shouldn't let all this negative stuff get to her.