Create Your Own Arrested Development Sequel...With These Paper Dolls

· Who needs a real Arrested Development follow-up when you can film your own sequel using these paper dolls of George Michael Bluth Sr., Lindsay Bluth Fünke and Tobias Fünke? Ok, we still might but this should tide us over in the meantime. [Paste]

· Watch a two-minute video of every celebrity that ever appeared in a Super Bowl ad here. [BuzzSugar]

· Not only is Queen Elizabeth II praising The King's Speech, but children who stutter are also, unsurprisingly, in support of the film. Weinstein Company, let's see you turn that endorsement around in three hours or less. [AP]

· Family Guy: The Musical is coming to Broadway in April. [ONTD]

· When David Letterman isn't insulting Martha Stewart during cooking segments (as he does tonight), he is still threatening to retire. [EW]


  • Furious D says:

    Don't get people started on Arrested Development movie talk again. Even in jest. Just let people move onto to spreading unfounded rumors of a Running Wilde movie that will never happen.