VIDEO: Uwe Boll's Holocaust Film Should be Nominated for an Oscar, Says Uwe Boll

It's true - One could easily make a comparison between Uwe Boll's publicity tactics and the recent self-serving, unapologetic cries for attention from that other filmmaker. Fair. But there's something more endearing about the reviled German's director refusal to get off of his own pedestal. Maybe it's the fact that, to my knowledge, he does not have a rabid cult of fans ready to back every move he makes. In fact, quite to opposite. Or maybe it's just that he decided to actually fight the bloggers who attacked him rather than posting rants on Twitter. In any case, here's a new interview where he says his film Auschwitz should be nominated for an Oscar.

The quote comes within the first two minutes, almost as a hilarious footnote to a fairly articulate (though not necessarily misguided) rundown of how he feels about the film. I stuck around for the whole interview though, in part to see whether the Dutch interviewer's amazing set of golden locks turned out to be a wig or not (Spoiler: no!).

All of this said, I still think a Uwe Boll Holocaust film is still a terrible idea. I'll take Bloodrayne 3, thanks.

Moviesense via Twitch Film]