The Coen Brothers Will Watch Tara Reid in The Big Lebowski 2, But Won't Make It

reid_120.jpgThe whole Internet had a big laugh the other day when one-time tabloid staple Tara Reid announced that she'd be co-starring in The Big Lebowski 2 later this year. (As Louis happily noted, he's co-starring in Mrs. Miniver 2, due in theaters roughly at the same time.) If that news surprised you, imagine being the Coen Brothers. "I'm glad she's working on it," Ethan said to Matthew Odam of Austin 360. "Well, we don't [have anything planned] but we'll watch it when it comes out." Added Joel: "Especially if Tara's in it." Godspeed, Ms. Reid! [M.O./Austin 360 via The Playlist]