'I'm Pretty Drunk Right Now': 60 Seconds with 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer

mcbrayer225.jpgAll the best writers use superlatives, so allow me to wield my bestness: 30 Rock is the finest ensemble sitcom ever. Mary Richards, Sam Malone, George Costanza and Michael Bluth wilt in comparison to Liz Lemon's weirdo coterie, and the strangest member of her team remains -- after five seasons -- Kenneth Parcell, played by the inimitable Jack McBrayer. A couple weeks ago at a TCA press function, I caught up with McBrayer late in the evening for a quick, five-question interview that ended with a candid acknowledgment on his part. Prepare for the swiftest Q&A in existence.

Your character gets the zaniest quirks on 30 Rock. Are you ever weirded out?

I don't necessarily like taking off a lot of my clothes -- but sometimes I take off a lot of my clothes!

Oh, like in the dream sequences.

Dream sequences. At one point I was a human sushi table. And... "cake boy," where I carried dessert on my back.

How long do those scenes take? Are you naked and wearing sushi all day?

They are... very, very, very discrete with my nudity.

Where should Kenneth go from here? He's already lost his job once and earned it back.

I have no idea. Whatever they give me in the script, I am, uh, gonna do.

If you were writing--

I've gotta say, I'm pretty drunk right now. I think we might be done here.

Ah. That's fine, I appreciate it. Thank you!

No problem.


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