'Sundance Bomb' Son of No One Sells to Anchor Bay

tracy_morgan_sonofnoone_thumb.jpgTake that, Hollywood Reporter! After an early trade article labeled it "Sundance's first bomb," Dito Montiel's police drama Son of No One, which stars Katie Holmes, Al Pacino and Tracy Morgan, has sold to Anchor Bay for somewhere around $2 million. Now we'll all get to see more than three seconds of Tracy Morgan's dramatic acting chops. [Deadline]


  • Betty Botox says:

    Anchor Bay also distributes exercise videos like the one I use every day, 10 Minute Solution Fat Blasting Dance Mix with Jennifer Galardi. Thank you Anchor Bay for my daily ritual of dance fun! Forgive me, but I pass on the Katie Holmes flick.

  • James Whitmore says:

    I saw the son of no one at Sundance and it was absolutely riveting. A beautifully well crafted film. I guess the word "bomb" is another attack on the nerve of some filmmakers making movies for adults these days. very happy to know it will be in theaters as I surely will see it again. beautiful film