Paul Giamatti's Top 3 Angry Faces in the Ironclad Trailer

I'm sure things happen in this trailer for the macho-as-hell medieval epic Ironclad, but literally all I can focus on each time is how furious Paul Giamatti looks in every shot. Sure, Giamatti has gone off before in movies, but never while donning this messy beard and Prince Valiant haircut and never with quite so much verve. Rather than watch the trailer a fourth time to try and figure out what the film's actually about, I'm just going to take screen captures of the three best faces Giamatti makes and post them after the jump. You're welcome.

There are apparently other actors in this movie too including Kate Mara (Rooney's sister) and Brian Cox, both of whom I like quite a lot, and also James Purefoy, who I have no opinion about whatsoever. But really, all I want is more of this:




Verdict: Sold!


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