Obsession Takes Its Toll on Rashida Jones and Chris Messina in Monogamy Trailer

The trailer for Monogamy more or less runs through a checklist of things I like to see in marriage-disintegration movies. Voyeurism? Check. Obsession? Yep. Melodrama? You bet! Actors I like? Check and...check! The trailer begins with Chris Messina and Rashida Jones taking wedding photos and talking about their solid relationship. But really, in a movie called Monogamy, how do you think that's going to end?

Yes, sure enough Messina quickly becomes completely obsessed with a blond (Meital Dohan) that he photographs one night and things spiral downhill from there. As with the best, most destructive obsessions, Messina still seems more interested in the blond than the fact that his life is falling apart.

This trailer is fantastic. It's taut, artful and a mysterious, with an intriguing setup that could go any number of directions. Here's hoping for a formidable entry along the lines of Notes on a Scandal and Your Friends and Neighbors in the under-appreciated highbrow trash sub-genre.

Verdict: Sold!