Enough, Already, With Pop Culture's Love of LEGO

LegoJackSparrow225.jpgAttention anyone who has recreated this year's Oscar-nominated films out of Legos and especially any adult who has spent over 200 hours building a life-size Jack Sparrow out of tiny plastic bricks: Enough, already. We get it. Anything -- from the Sad Keanu Internet meme to fictional pirates -- can be Lego-mated. That doesn't mean they should be.

It's time for a Lego-vention in Hollywood. Lego Dr. Drew can moderate. Not for the kids -- they can have their Lego Land and all of the Lego-themed merchandise that their parents want to buy them -- but for the adult fans who insist on paying a very particular kind of tribute to their favorite entertainment films, characters and memes, and then saturating the Internet with documentation of these toy undertakings.

So many entertainment-related Lego projects have swept through Movieline HQ that the novelty has completely worn off. There was that homemade Dark Knight trailer, a Lego-mated Simpsons intro, the Back to the Future Lego-orean, the homage to Kung-Fu films, the Matrix Reloaded Lego brawl, a bizarrely violent Lego street shoot-out, the Inception-esque M.C. Escher tribute, the Lego construction of Hans Solo frozen in carbonate that took its creator three months and 10,000 bricks to make. Don't even get us started on that Lego Rock Band edition that transformed David Bowie into an unrecognizable plastic mutant with hooks for hands.

Please, let that be enough. Regardless of whether your enterprise is some beginner's level Lego porn that you and a friend pieced together on a lazy weekend, a monkey that you built for Craig Ferguson or a thoughtful celebration of Black Swan, thanks but no thanks. We've seen enough toy brick testimonials to last us until the inevitable deluge that will accompany the upcoming Warner Bros. collaboration with the toy manufacturer: LEGO City Police Headquarters/LEGO City Fire Station. (Unless of course, you could build something that is both controversial and edgy. Like a Lego concentration camp...but even that has already been done.)

Most importantly though, why are we celebrating these adult-constructed structures? Of course an adult knows how to play with Legos. Now if a seven year-old recreated Citizen Kane scene-by-scene using primary colored blocks, I'd almost be interested. If Elle Fanning dramatically interpreted Charlie Sheen's porn-star-and-cocaine-briefcase downward spiral using the Lego Duplo set, I'd pretend to care. I might even watch half of that behind-the-scenes YouTube video directed by Sofia Coppola. On mute. With the screen minimized. But until that happens -- or an adult finds a way to Lego-mate a dog Lego-mating the 127 Hours amputation scene, I'm not impressed. And you shouldn't be either.


  • SunnydaZe says:

    Ahhh, let adults play with legos! Better than smoking crack or self-promoting your latest horror film on twitter.

  • Chaotician says:

    What in the world, Movieline? "Oh please, no more creativity. We're so tired of it."
    It's pretty impressive constructing a life-size statue out of Legos. And recreating film scenes in Lego is some awesome fun and looks pretty cool too. It's all in good fun so just shut up about it. Why should you even care? You're a film site. You don't see other film sites condemning creative people. Leave them to it.
    Have you guys never had humor in your lives? Geez. Lighten up.

  • casting couch says:

    The correct term is LEGO, not "Legos". That bugs me more than a proliferation of MOCs.