VIDEO: Devil's Double Star Dominic Cooper On the Ups and Downs of Playing Uday Hussein

Of all the memorable elements of Lee Tamahori's unflinching drama The Devil's Double -- which roused Sundance with its portrait of brutal, debauched Uday Hussein and the Iraqi lieutenant enlisted to serve as his near-identical security detail -- few stirred more interest than Dominic Cooper's revelatory dual performance as both Hussein and title character Latif Yahia. While Movieline's Jen Yamato offered a bruising breakdown in a review last week, Elvis Mitchell sat down with Cooper to discuss playing multiple characters, laughing at lunacy and what happens to an actor when sympathy is not an option.

(At last glance, Lionsgate had managed an exclusive negotiating window to distribute The Devil's Double; look for word of that deal here as soon as it's confirmed.)













More from Movieline's complete Sundance coverage at the Dockers House sponsored by Java Monster here.

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