How Would Kristen Stewart Fare Against Margot Kidder and 5 Other Classic Lois Lane Screen Tests?

kstewart225.jpgNow that your favorite (second-favorite?) Tudors player Henry Cavill is starring in Warner Bros.'s new Superman reboot, it's time to speculate about who can and should play Lois Lane, a character whose energy and charisma make Superman worth revisiting. Does rumored contender Kristen Stewart have the stuff to take up Margot Kidder's mantle? I'm on the fence, but let's watch Kidder's classic screen test for 1978's Superman: The Movie -- along with a handful of also-rans (including Stockard Channing and Lesley Ann Warren) -- and see where Ms. Stewart fits among the pack.

In order, these screen tests with Christopher Reeve include harried Anne Archer, near-histrionic Lesley Ann Warren ("A c-cookie!"), languid Debra Raffin, just-right Margot Kidder, no-nonsense Stockard Channing, and adequate Susan Blakely.

I imagine Kristen Stewart giving her screen test the ole' Debra Raffin try, and not just because "languid" is her style. Raffin's big eyes and hair-pushes also smack of Bella Swan. Stewart would surely also play Lois as more bewildered than mesmerized.

Among Stewart's reported competition, which apparently includes Malin Akerman, Dianna Agron, Jessica Biel, and Rachel McAdams, I can picture McAdams going for Lesley Ann Warren's zeal, and Malin Akerman most closely resembling Kidder's blueprint. What do you think? Do we need to throw the old mold out entirely? In the bushes with poor Margot?

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  • saxyphone says:

    Let's just get one thing straight here. Kristen Stewart is not going to be cast as Lois Lane for a number of reasons, starting with the fact she is WAY too young for the role. The director and producers were looking for actors in the late 20s/early 30s range, and clearly Stewart does not fit this. Another reason? She's a terrible actress. She has the acting range of a teaspoon. The only role she's shown any acting prowress whatsoever is in "The Runaways."
    So, let's cut the crap and stop talking about how "OMG, Stewart would be the PERFECT Lois!" because she's not going to get the part, guaranteed

  • YoJ says:

    Yeah, there's no way she would be cast so let's put that rumor to rest. I still think Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis should be considered for the role.

  • Alrisha says:

    KS can not act! Don't even mentioned the posibility she is in the movie, not even as a small part, hell no as Louise Lane. She trying to act in the movie is a good reason no waist my money, even Im happy with Cahill as Superman.
    She is only good for that crap name twilight

  • Concerned Film Fan says:

    Oh for fuck's sake, anyone...A N Y fucking O N E but Kristen Stewart... cripes hollywood! WTF?!

  • Penny Pretty says:

    rashida jones, new lois lane, period

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Best suggestion I've heard yet.

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    Oh, I love looking at old screen tests. Ann Archer was surprisingly decent (I always found her to be too housewifely), and Stockard Channing wasn't bad. But Debra Rafin was atrocious, and though I love Lesley Anne Warren, she played this way too flighty and girly. Of the ones we saw, it's understandable why Kidder got the role.
    Olivia Wilde or Rebecca Hall would probably be good choices for Lois now.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    I could watch screen tests all day. You've seen my fave, right?:

  • stolidog says:

    Bryce Howard, and Katherine Ross should play her mother.

  • Cameron says:

    God is Margot Kidder perfect. From the 9 min mark, this must be a contender for greatest take never used in the final film. She looks more beautiful and her performance is more spot -on than what was used in any of the Superman movies. She reminds me of Demi Moore at her peek.

  • Dimo says:

    Sure, Lesley Ann Warren would have been awful, but I will always love her Daily Planets. BTW, I'm on team McAdams all the way.

  • Joey says:

    I take Kristen Stewart over margot Kidder anyday. Margot Kidder was not the best looking woman at all. She played quite a annoying Lois too. I don't see how a super human who could have anyone date a lady not even fair looking.
    The only reason first two Superman movies were decent enough was because Christopher Reeve. Lex Luther and Lois Lane were terrible.
    They should consider Erica Durance as one of the contenders for Lois Lane.