Film in Revolt: 9 Movies to Stoke the Flames of Revolution

Cairo. Tunisia. Like it or not, revolution is in the air! When you finally get burned out on 24-hour-news pundits arguing about the causes, results and appropriate response to these protests, try turning to the other best place to gain perspective on life. Yep, I'm talking about the movies. To that end, here is a list of nine great films about revolt that will feed whatever revolutionary fantasies, nightmares or confusion you may have during these times of unrest.

9. The Agronomist (2003)

Anyone thinking about fighting the power should take some notes from Jonathan Demme's heart-wrenching, inspiring and surprisingly funny documentary about Jean Dominique, the Haitian radio journalist and human rights activist who was eventually assassinated. Dominique is inspiring not only for his conviction even in the face of death, but for the warmth and wit that he maintains right up to his tragic end.

8. Double Feature: Zero for Conduct (1933) / Over the Edge (1979)

Based on these two films, now might be a good time to start paying more attention to your kids. In Jean Vigo's classic short film, children rebel against a repressive boarding school. In Over the Edge, Matt Dillon and company rebel against their inattentive parents in a brand new suburban-desert community.

7. La Chinoise (1967)

In Jean-Luc Godard's colorful satire, a group of university students form a small Maoist cell with the intent of changing France by any means necessary. Usually these means involve a lot of talking and philosophizing. And yeah, when they actually take action, things get even worse. Fortunately, 400 Blows star Jean-Pierre Leaud is not currently leading the protests in Cairo.

6. Medium Cool (1969)

Haskell Wexler's of-the-moment documentary/fiction hybrid plunges viewers headfirst into the upheaval of the 1968 Democratic Convention protests. For a similar take on a more modern protest, see the slightly less effective Battle in Seattle.

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