Bridesmaids Trailer: Is Kristen Wiig Our Maid of Honor?

Yesterday we observed the levels of stank, thug stare, and hardness in the new Bridesmaids poster. Just a day later we have the new trailer for the Judd Apatow/Paul Feig production, and the ladies get a little less ghetto -- and a little more delirious. For what it's worth, I still like to imagine Maya Rudolph wearing brass knuckles under her bouquet.

The biggest laughs go to Wiig (who wields anxiety like a Woody Allen muse), Rose Byrne (who spews condescension like only a Damages attorney can), and Jon Hamm's tiny cameo at the end. You can't tease us with wee soupcons of Hamm, Mr. Apatow! Jon's one of those too-lovable people, like Tina Fey. Now I'm going to rock back and forth and think about Tina Fey playing the wedding priest. Maybe with a little Guido Sarducci moustache! Hell, let's invite all of my favorite people: Maggie Q can play a saucy florist, Danny Pudi can reprise Martin Short's role in Father of the Bride, and stock footage of drunk Sandy Dennis in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? can be used at the bachelorette party. Perfect! I am so, so in.

VERDICT: Attending.

Head over to Apple to watch the trailer in HD.