Let Bret Easton Ellis Help You Choose the Best Romantic Comedy

You know those nights where you're just in the mood to relax with a silly romantic comedy and you think to yourself, "Gee. I sure wish I could get some advice on what to see from the writer of American Psycho?" Well this month, Bret Easton Ellis has your back! And hold reserve all judgement; The one with the most perverse sex act is not the automatic winner here. But yeah, of course Ellis will still mention that act in his slam. Read on for the author's picks and pans.


Whoa. Sorry, No Strings Attached but coming from the guy who wrote Rules of Attraction, this is a pretty big burn. Instead, the author suggests staying at home with one of this year's more polarizing romantic comedies, which has sparked both love and hate here at Movieline HQ.


There you have it. Hopefully in February, Ellis will weigh in on Victorian-era love stories.


  • NP says:

    It's not good to Ellis unless the narrator/protag experiences a psychotic break and begins talking about himself in the third person. Hey, pony, nice trick.