Watch Three Unbearable Clips from Sundance Super-Champ Like Crazy

Thank God Jennifer Lawrence is one of life's great winners right now. Otherwise I'd have taken a single look at these clips from her Grand Jury Prize winning Sundance jam Like Crazy and thrown the good china at my own face. The movie simply has to be better than these make it seem, but so far it looks like that frown porno Boohoo Valentine mixed with The Family Stone 2: We All Have Cancer This Time.

Oh, sorry, I'm back. Just had to break my arms and jump in the river. Now I want to see Like Crazy so I can be assured it's not this melodramatic. At this stage of the game, Lawrence can do no wrong -- but I'm raising a skeptical backhand toward her future.

See Some Clips from Sundance Grand Jury Winner 'Like Crazy' [Vulture]

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