Virtual Newsstand:, January 2011

Every month at Movieline, we collect the best interviews, smartest features, and most compelling reviews we've produced, and curate them in one easy-to-use table of contents called the Virtual Newsstand, which pays tribute to our print magazine history. Here's the Virtual Newsstand for January 2011.

January 2011


Franco-ly, My Dear...
Oscar host, nominee and unofficial quality-control spokesman James Franco weighs in on the state of the race

The Howard Boys
Ron and Clint Howard on The Dilemma, the mad science of improv, and a little movie called Arrested Development

JJ Plays Favorites
When JJ Abrams revealed his most beloved film scene, you'd better believe we were listening

Jacki Oh!
It only took 48 years, but Australian grande dame and wicked Animal Kingdom matron Jacki Weaver is an Academy Award nominee

Gun Crazy
Everybody knows The Mechanic's Ben Foster can act. But can he hack it as an action hero?

Northwestern Exposure
SNL heavyweight Fred Armisen on branching out with his new series Portlandia

Gold Nails
Rock icon turned Oscar-nominated composer Trent Reznor on The Social Network and troublesome technology

Mindy Time
Mindy Kaling on The Office, her bossy new book and her big screen future

Wright Where He Wants You
Scott Pilgrim director and part-time movie programmer Edgar Wright talks about taking over the art house with his favorites

Pike Place
The lovely Rosamund Pike drew on more drunk first-date experience than you might think for Barney's Version

Everything's Coming Up Greta
Former microbudget it-girl Greta Gerwig takes the mainstream plunge in No Strings Attached

Green All Over
After years of trying, Michel Gondry finally got his big-budget adaptation of The Green Hornet on the screen. Here's how

Ivan the Terrible
No Strings Attached director Ivan Reitman knows you probably didn't like his last few films. And now he's here to atone

Glee For All
Is the Super Bowl audience prepared for Glee? Series star Dianna Agron weighs in

Isaac Speaks
When you need a close read on The Fashion Show, you turn to Isaac Mizrahi. And he doesn't disappoint

A Good Christian
The one and only Christian Slater plays My Favorite Scene with Movieline

Our Kind of Guy
Guy Pearce reflects on The King's Speech, Animal Kingdom and Christopher Nolan's shy years

The Hombre
Danny Trejo is Machete -- among many other things

Lesley Time
Another Year's stunning Lesley Manville discusses playing drunk and withstanding awards season

Great Scott
Barney's Version co-star Scott Speedman has a lot to be thankful for -- like that Batman bullet he dodged, for starters

The Rite Stuff
Filmmaker Mikael Håfström gets into the dark stuff around his new movie The Rite

Psyche Killer
I Melt With You director Mark Pellington made one of Sundance's most polarizing films, which is just the way he likes it

Femme Fatale
Nikita star Maggie Q has more important things to worry about than a 20-year-old movie

Ms. Sunshine
Allison Janney on Mr. Sunshine, Matthew Perry's Insults, and Missing Aaron Sorkin

Zach in Black
Friday Night Lights alum Zach Gilford talks about the new opportunities that await him Off the Map

Carla in Charge
Carla Gugino appeared on ALF -- and lived to tell the tale to Movieline

A Trip to Paris
Paris Hilton plays My Favorite Scene

...And Then He Was Gone
The shortest Matthew Morrison interview ever

Gummer First-Class
Off the Map's Mamie Gummer talks up her new series -- and the Meryl Streep films she hasn't seen

Filmmaker Reginald Hudlin lets his geek flag fly with the animated effort Black Panther

A Sense of Community
Donald Glover knows his show is in trouble. But is history ultimately on its side?

Like Father, Like Son
Social Network cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth has quite a legacy to uphold. His first Oscar nomination sure helps

Zim and Vigor
Inception composer Hans Zimmer is an Oscar nominee once again, but it's the Academy's latest oversight that has him really talking

Get Behind Him, Satan
Vatican-certified exorcist Gary Thomas on the ups and downs of possession at the movies

On the Warpath
For Restrepo co-director Sebastian Junger, Oscar night is just a stopover en route back to Afghanistan

Dragon Crossing
How does one composer bounce back from scoring one of the decade's worst films? Oscar-nominee John Powell explains

All Fighter

Relativity Media kingpin Ryan Kavanaugh on getting his passion project off the mat and into theaters

Network Boss
And to think all this time producer Michael De Luca thought of his awards juggernaut The Social Network as an underdog

Paging Casey Wilson
The ex-SNL-er has plenty these days to keep her busy, up to and including her Real Housewives habit

Kiss of the Spider Woman
Intrepid stage star T.V. Carpio has a few misconceptions to clear up about the troubled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark


Liz Meriwether

Jay Chou

Claire Foy

Kyle Gallner


No Wire Hangers
The Creepiest Mothers in Film History

We Wuz Robbed!
The 6 Biggest Oscar Snubs

When the Laugh Track Ends
A Brief History of Sitcom Deaths

Our Natalie
8 Milestones in the Evolution of Natalie Portman

The Black Swan Conundrum-ish
So Why is Black Swan a Hit Anyway? (Hint: Lesbians)

The 10 Greatest Over-the-Top 'Best Supporting Actresses'

Black and White Issue
Where Was the Outrage for The Social Network's Race-Blind Casting?

Oscar Index
Keep Track of the 2010 Awards Race with Movieline's Authoritative, Mostly Empirical Survey of the Top Contenders

Left of Center
Screenwriting Guru Robert McKee Takes on Right-Wing Attacker

Pan For Gold
Honoring the Handful of Critics Who Panned Blue Valentine

True What?
Assessing the Vocal Tics from True Grit

The Child Support Is Not Enough
15 Suggested Titles for the New James Bond Film

To Catch a Predator
Creepy Old Lady Ellen DeGeneres Forces A Young Star To Strip While Her Audience Hoots and Hollers

Heroes Among Us
The Sequel to Kick-Ass is Actually Just a News Story

The Muppets Take the Internet
Enough, Already, About Jason Segel's Version of The Muppets

Hated and Feared
Matthew Vaughn Explains Why Die-Hard Geeks Should Shut Up and Enjoy X-Men: First Class

Orson Welles' Lost Film
A History of The Other Side of the Wind -- and Why We Haven't Seen It

Relaxing with Nicolas Cage
Set Photos From Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Reveal Little About Film, Much About Cage's Hat Collection

It's a Shame He Didn't Win an Emmy for His Role on Mork & Mindy
A Brief History of David Letterman Acting in Movies and Television

Bad Apple
What is Sony Trying to Say About Mac Users in The Social Network?

Paul Mazursky's 3-D Orgy
And Why His Idea to Remake Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice Is a Great One

Casting Crisis
I Am Not Ready to Live in a World Where Michelle Pfeiffer Plays Chris Pine's Mother

Trend Alert: iPhone Filmmaking
9 Major Directors Who Should Hop on the Bandwagon

Fistful of Ringtones

Ennio Morricone's Classic Film Scores Will Soon Be Ringtones, But These Five Overlooked Songs Would Be Better

The Ghosts of Oscars Past
5 Oscar-Nominated Roles of 2011 and Their Oscar-Winning Forebears

Rutger Power
The 9 Batsh*t Craziest Lines Heard at the Hobo with a Shotgun Premiere

Awards-Season Trading Cards
You Will Be Trading These For the Rest of Your Life, or the Next Few Weeks, Whichever Comes First

Collect Them All! (And Go Insane)
I Melt With You Has a Viral Video Campaign to Die For. (Literally?)

Fit For a King's Speech
What the BAFTA Nominations Can Tell Us About the Oscars

Game Over
9 Other '80s Games That Hollywood Might as Well Turn Into Movies

Craigslist Killer 101
9 Lessons Learned From Lifetime's The Craigslist Killer

Anybody Got a Match?
The 8 Best Smokers on Film

Nomination Reflex
Ranking the Oscar Reactions: Which Nominees (and Publicists) Brought Their A-Game?

A Brief History of Actresses Who Have Purr-formed Catwoman


Seller's Market
The 5 Films Likeliest to Ignite a Sundance Bidding War

From Sundance to Oscar
13 Films That Broke Out of Park City

The Huckster
Kevin Smith Debuts Red State, Maybe Goes Insane

Roaring Rapids
Ed Helms Talk to Movieline About, Buzz, Nerve and Cedar Rapids

Hauer You Doing?
Hobo with a Shotgun Star Rutger Hauer: 'I've Been Underrated All My Life'

The Horror, The Horror
The Woman Director Lucky McKee Responds to His Irate Sundance Hater: 'Then Don't Watch It'

... And Much More!



The Company Men

The Dilemma

Every Day

The Housemaid


The Mechanic

Mumbai Diaries

No Strings Attached

The Rite

A Somewhat Gentle Man

The Way Back


Forrest Gump

Addams Family Values

Days of Thunder

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