Finally! Listen to Glee's Tribute to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller,' Indie Bands and Zombie Make-Up

GleeThrillerMashup225.jpgFor a lot of viewers, Glee is a safe haven from America's football-obsessed, freak flag-burning culture. So it was disturbing to hear that Ryan Murphy would be: 1.) Hosting this year's Super Bowl lead-out time slot and 2.) Filling it with cheerleaders shooting fire from their breasts during a Katy Perry number. To reassure Gleeks that this Sunday's "Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle" will not just be a second giant halftime show -- as the preview, complete with human cannons, teased last week -- Fox has leaked its first single from the episode. Ready?

After playing the "Thriller"/"Heads Will Roll" mash up on loop for the past hour, Movieline HQ has decided that if you have to combine Michael Jackson, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and zombie freak show theatrics, this is the way to do it. Like any other golden Glee track, this remix is catchy, inspired and iPod-ready. It will likely cause a new generation to attempt to learn the "Thriller" ("Thriller 2.0") choreography. When played in the Macy's juniors department at full volume alongside the show's official wardrobe collection, it will likely cause confusion and migraines among the parents of these second generation "Thriller" fans.

Also, it was a completely genius move to have Cory Monteith perform Vincent Price's spoken-word section of "Thriller." Unless of course, that was actually Mark Salling. In which case, that decision would be less genius and I would be disappointed.

What do you say, guys? Based on this track alone, Hailee Steinfeld will be watching this Sunday. Will you?

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