Why Do The SAG Awards Have No Love For Rooney Mara And The Other Ladies Of The Social Network?

ROONEY180FORCHRIS.jpgIt is time once again for yet another Hollywood awards show, this time the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where actors recognize the accomplishments of fellow actors. Thus, whereas the Academy Awards hand out a prize for Best Picture, the SAG Awards bestow upon one film's ensemble an Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture prize. In honoring nominee The Social Network however, the guild neglected to credit any of the female performers in the cast -- including standout Rooney Mara.

As every viewer of the movie knows, Rooney's character, Erica Albright, basically serves as the catalyst for the creation of Facebook. Furthermore, her rapid fire delivery of Aaron Sorkin's screenplay in the opening five minutes is one of the film's high points. In fact, she was so good in her limited screen time there was even talk of a possible Oscar nomination. Just not an Outstanding Cast mention it seems.

She is not the only casualty either, as Brenda Song and Rashida Jones, who play Eduardo Saverin's crazed girlfriend and Mark Zuckerberg's counsel respectively, were also left off the list. Both women appear in multiple scenes and, much like the film opens with Rooney, it closes with Rashida.

So the ensemble, in all its boys club glory, is noted as Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Max Minghella and Josh Pence. Trying to put a face with a name for that last actor? Give up? He served as the body for the Winklevi, with Hammer's face being digitized on his in post-production. While this is certainly deserving of recognition, how does that make the short list and Rooney get left off?

Furthermore, does the actors guild really want to piss off Lisbeth Salander? [ SAG ]


  • Lisa says:

    I think you mean Brenda Song, not Strong. Two totally different people. 🙂

  • The Winchester says:

    There were women in that movie?

  • epixsavior says:

    lets be real, movieline. rooney mara was merely ADEQUATE in her role. nothing more. stop insisting she was sooooo attention worthy. yes, her character is important - her CHARACTER, not her performance of that character. also it took fincher 99 takes for that opening shot. doesnt leave me much hope that she can carry dragon tattoo or anything else for that matter. hardly impressed. dont know why any is going so gaga over her.

  • mosb says:

    i totally agree with Epixsavior. she was merely adequeate... and YES, the Social Network is not the best film of the year... It definitely doesn't deserve winning the Best Pic Oscar.

  • sam says:

    Who the hell is Rooney Mara?
    And Brenda Song was in WAY more than multiple scenes in the movie, whoever wrote this article seems to be an huge amateur.

  • js says:

    There were men in this movie?

  • RobM says:

    I'm guessing - and this may be CRAZY TALK - but it's because the six actors listed, including Pence, are the top six billings. Watching the movie: Song and Jones are billed simultaneously next on-screen, followed by John Getz, David Selby, Denise Grayson (Mark's, the Winklevi's, and Eduardo's lawyers respectively), then Mara shares billing with Douglas Urbanski (who played the Harvard President).
    I'll give you that Mara probably deserved billing above, not next to, Urbanski, but otherwise, that seems right to me. I'd potentially argue Jones should've gotten lower billing, alongside the lawyers.
    Then again, Urbanski and Mara are the last to be billed in the opening, so perhaps both were purposely left to the end as a "one-scene wonder" thing (even if Mara has three, technically), like TV does.

  • michael says:

    Brenda Song was amazing in this movie, did the writer of this article get payed by Rooney Mara's reps or publicist to pay so much emphasis on Rooney and indirectly ignore Brenda, who appeared in MUCH MUCH MUCH more than TWO scenes in The Social Network. Unfortunately, the delusional author of this article failed to write true facts.