Creepy Old Lady Ellen DeGeneres Forces Ingenue To Strip As Audience Whoops And Cackles

So Alex Pettyfer stopped by Ellen this week to promote his movie, I Am Number Four, and the poor guy got badgered into taking off his shirt for his troubles. Now while I'm sure it was all in good fun and discussed to death beforehand by Ellen, her producers and Alex's management, the poor guy looked mortified while he was doing such a creepy stunt. So, let's try a little thought experiment shall we?

First, take a look at the original clip, particular around 0.52 and later, 2.52.

Now, instead of Alex Pettyfer and Ellen DeGeneres, let's pretend the exact same exchange took part between, oh, Alex's co-star, Dianna Agron and George Lopez


George Lopez: "I've seen a lot of pictures, and I didn't think you'd be wearing [so much clothes] There are about 9,000 pictures of you not wearing [much].

Images of scantily-clad Dianna flash on screen. The predominantly male audience screams and catcalls after each one.

Lopez: "If you want to, it's known in the talk show business that the guest will take their shirt off."

Later in the interview, George offers Dianna a "I [heart] George Lopez" tshirt

Lopez: "I have a tshirt you can wear."

Dianna removes her jacket but George gestures to her blouse as the men in the audience hoot and holler.

Lopez: I'll just wait while you take that off.

Dianna morosely removes her blouse, leaving her in a bra. She moves to put on the tshirt, but George "playfully" yanks it away, all while the audience laughs and yells in horny triumph.

pettyfer_ellen_225.pngAnd, scene. Like I said, I know it was meant to be in good fun and obviously Ellen is a gigantically lesbian lady so she got no particular sexual frisson from it, but the whole thing just struck me as supremely creepy. A doe-eyed ingenue is made to strip in front of a leering host and her cackling audience. I imagine it'd be pretty roundly condemned if it happened as I wrote it above, so why does Ellen get a free pass?


  • Kevin says:

    Yes, it might be perceived as creepy. However, women have been sexualized forEVER and it's about time that there's a bit of a turnaround on things

  • Roy says:

    Wait. That's your solution? Achieve equality by turning the tables? So that way... everyone gets to be sexually harassed?
    You take pleasure in seeing a guy treated like this because it's typically what happens to girls?
    I'm not kidding: that's repulsive.

  • Andrew says:

    I thought the same thing back when Prince of Persia came out and there was that video of Jake G being booed when he said, "If you want to see me shirtless, watch the movie" and getting catcalled until he finally relented and took it off.
    If it had been Gemma Arterton introducing the movie, and some horned up loser had yelled out for her to get naked, he would've been escorted out before the last syllable left his lips.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    To be fair, Pettyfer didn't seem to mind (this is the guy who sent jogging at night last week shirtless knowing he'd get photographed).

  • Mel H says:

    Ellen lost my respect years ago. She tries to come across as a 'nice' person, but really it's all about being an attention whore.
    But I don't feel sorry for the guy, or anybody else, who gives in due totally to someone verbally egging them on. In such cases, we each have to take responsibility for our actions.
    Women have sought equality for so long, and now we have crap like this on Ellen.
    But another way to look at it is there's nothing wrong or right about our bodies, they just are. We get taught there's something titillating about them as we grow up. I've been to enough clothing optional beaches and saunas to know it's no big deal unless you think it is.

  • tony says:

    Give me a break. She went beyond the call of duty trying to make the interview entertaining, and the poor guy just didn't have the chops to keep up. More improv classes, Alex. Ellen was always thoughtful and considerate when I was around her, and she went the extra mile for Alex. Somebody needs to apologize for calling her creepy, and have a long talk about homophobia with their therapist.

  • zooeyglass1999 says:

    ? What is homophobic about the article?

  • Roy says:

    Answer the question. You accused someone of being homophobic, Tony. Now man up and tell us why you think so, or admit you were talking out of your ass.

  • David says:

    big deal.

  • Pat says:

    There is nothing homophobic about the article, it is true, DeGeneres is a creepy OLD woman.

  • MDAWSON says: