Did The Writers Of Two And A Half Men Predict The Downfall Of Charlie Sheen?

CHARLIEFORPOST.jpgThe adventures of hotel-rampaging knife enthusiast Charlie Sheen were bound to come to an end, however briefly, at some point. So, the actor's long delayed entrance into a rehab facility after an epic 36-hour bender came as no surprise to most -- especially the writers of his hit "comedy" series Two and a Half Men. The title of the show's Feb. 7 episode is, eerily enough, "Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak."

First off, bravo to the creative geniuses over there at Men for yet another delightfully misogynistic episode title. It seems like a brilliant idea to play up this notion of cutting women down when your show's biggest liability is a man who went after his wife with a knife, had a screaming hooker locked in a hotel closet and shot then-girlfriend Kelly Preston in the arm. Yeeeeeeah.

As for some critiques, the cheesesteak seems like a waste. While $20,000 worth of disco snow will no doubt get the jaw working overtime, who is going to have an appetite after that? Though, having not viewed the episode, perhaps there is some sort of scavenger hunt theme where Charlie must obtain three hookers AND a philly cheesesteak -- one of which seems near impossible on the California-set sitcom.

The good news is that the show's recently announced hiatus means that the writing staff can spend more time putting their clairvoyant abilities to work. Even TMZ-loving sidekick Jon Cryer could join in the fun!

Oh, and heads up. The episode after this is entitled "That Darn Priest."


  • Long time reader, first time commenter says:

    I'd like to take you out for a Philly Cheesesteak, Chris Spargo. Three hookers optional.

  • Old No.7 says:

    True fact: The episode titles of Two & A Half Men are taken from actual spoken lines within the show.
    Look asshole, don't judge me on my knowledge, it's either this or Wheel of Fortune after the news.

  • LiberalMediaIsCourrupt says:

    CBS is culpable.

  • Frank H.. says:

    Imagine a spin-off entitled "Life without Charlie". Fade-in:A funeral setting,
    Guess who's the coffin sleeper? This could work..And think of a great crew,
    without a drug addicted narcicist for a star. His co-stars did all the work.
    All he did was play a G(R) rated version of his own(X) life on TV. His friends deserve better. The crew and staff deserve better. Give them all credit, for dealing with Charlie this long. Congrats Staff and crew. Best of Luck all.

  • Ted says:

    Is Keifer available?

  • Donna says:

    The spin off for new season should of been Charlie walking into the Ocean
    and later coming back as Aston. He still would be Charlie Harper but in a different body. Kinda like the Movie "Goodbye Charlie"

  • Joe jim says:

    Did anyone read this before acting or airing the stupid episodes. Nothing adds up! Charlies waiting for a train/subway???! Wtf! Girls at a exboyfriends funeral to talk shit??!! Wtf! And as soon as allen opens the box w/charlies ashes who didnt guess he was gona drop them? And what was berta doing at the house if she's not getting paid?? The 1st episode isnt even over and Theres way to many loop holes and questions about this stupid remake!!! Its off my dvr list now! Cancel this show before everyone gets fired!!! Now berta's still at the house in the morning now! Wtf! STUPID u all killed two n half men.shud of just cut ur losses and moved on like the rest of us will!!! Booooo boooboooo!!!!!!

  • Deb Castillo says:

    I'll tell you what is wrong with "2 1/2"...these writers need to pull in Jake, Evelyn, Judith and Herb...Alan and Berta can't carry it alone and I REALLY MISS THE OTHER CHARACTERS!! I like Ashton and I believe the show can make it if they get back to some basics...hurry up before I stop watching it all together...