When Rockets and Turtles Attack: The Jackass 3.5 Trailer

Based on the trailer, Jackass 3.5 looks like it delves into Dada expression a bit more elegantly than Jackass and Jackass 3-D, but does not quite reach the go-for-broke verve of Jackass 2. The aesthetics here indicate...nah, just kidding. As promised, Jackass 3.5, made up of leftover footage from Jackass 3-D, will premiere on your internet on April 1. If this excites you, then you should probably watch the first trailer.

People fall down, shoot crotch rockets at Johnny Knoxville and get bitten by turtles. The film will be exclusively available on Joost. I don't know what else to say. Here you go!

Verdict: Ouch!