VIDEO: Glee's Super Bowl Bonanza Preview Promises Fire, Zombies and Katie Couric Jokes

There's been a lot of buzz about Glee's upcoming mid-season premiere, and with good reason: It's being heralded as the most expensive episode of television ever produced for the golden time slot following the Super Bowl. Finally, Fox has released a preview of the expected insanity that will ensue when Schue, Sue and the gang return on Feb. 6 for what appears to be the most random installment yet, "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle." Take a look for yourselves after the jump.

Note that everything I say about Glee comes from a place of kindness. After all, I am a Gleebaser at heart no matter how many times Schue white raps at a school assembly or Cory Monteith butchers a duet with the help of Autotune. (Hey, I even posted a Dianna Agron tribute yesterday for those others suffering withdrawal symptoms.)

That being said, this preview looks like the Glee writers just started listing random elements that they could score with their unlimited budget. Pyrotechnics! A football field full of dancing zombies! A Michael Jackson tribute! Katie Couric getting an impromptu dancing lesson in the library from Schue! Puck playing not one but two different kinds of guitars! A string accompaniment for Lea Michele! A Barnum & Bailey-sized cannon that literally shoots students over the McKinley High goal post!

Let's just hope that this teaser was designed to appeal to those football fans who don't have a soft spot for showtunes and female football coaches with feelings. If that is the case -- and Glee follows up on any of the storylines woven into the first half of the season, rather than just showboating in its Super Bowl-lead-out timeslot, I'll be happy. Fingers crossed for Stamos.