Black Swan's Special Effects Revealed to be Often Hilarious

Black Swan is already funny. It's got Bad Movie We Love written all over its bloody plumage. And yet, it gets funnier once you break down the special effects scene-by-scene and learn how the glittery swan sausage is made. Ahead, learn the mechanics behind Darren Aranofksy's cygnus opus, including the Muppet Workshop antics that helped illustrate Natalie Portman's more grotesque moments. Just like Tchaikovsky wanted.

Pretty stellar video with the VFX supervisor Dan Shrecker. Now, the funny parts. Some spoilers, of course:

1.) The puppet leg break. Like a grisly addition to the Supergrass "Pumping on Your Stereo" video.

2.) How cute is the rainbow "3D geometry" on Natalie's wings during the climactic dance? Gayest polygons ever.

3.) Big laffs at Mila's Stretch Armstrong neck. Hard not to have flashbacks of ET's horrifying elongations there.

4.) The concept of "head replacement" is chilling. We should re-watch the movie to see if they replaced Natalie's head with, like, Margaret Thatcher's or Peter Ustinov's midway through a pirouette.

5.) Thank God they didn't decide to make Natalie "turn into a swan" at movie's end. You never get the Oscar when you go full swan.

[via Towleroad]


  • bradley Paul Valentine says:

    So...what's the big deal about Portman having trained as a dancer? They head replaced all her dancing scenes for pete's sakes. I am surprised the level to which they used CGI. Not even the audience was real. But it's not noticeable anyway, so...I was gonna complain it's being used where it's not needed or where they could use real things. I don't think the goose rash thing worked. I never bought it while watching the film. Reminded me of computer animation, that's all.