NBCU, Bring Back Promos Like This One From 1993

Now that Comcast (or Kabletown) has officially taken over NBC from General Electric, they have a big problem on their hands in the form of returning NBC to its past glory. The Movieline solution: Fun NBC-themed promos! Seriously, where have these been? Specifically, just recreate this "The Stars are Back on NBC" promo featuring Michael Richards sliding down an animated staircase into the waiting arms of a signing Crystal Bernard from Wings. Also, Joey Lawrence says, "Whoa," Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric make out, and John Larroquette picks a star out of his eyeball. Problem solved! And if it doesn't work, just bring back Seinfeld.


  • imahrtbrkbeat says:


  • epochd says:

    that was hilariously cheese. a lot of those movies were from '91 or '92. did flicks come to network tv that fast back in the day? hbo was around, didn't they play on there a couple years first?

  • pinkyt says:

    Look, about 45 seconds in, is that Bob Hope? Maybe that's the answer to all of NBC's problems - a re-animated Bob Hope! At the very least it could be a great horror movie idea....