Movieline's Week in Review: Only James Franco Can Save Egypt Now

Mass panic. Political strife. Chaos in the streets. Indelible images of history in the making. And that's just from Park City. Our planet is in trouble this weekend, folks, but if anything can take your mind off the growing discord, it's Movieline's Week in Review. Have a browse through our own recent history form Sundance to the Oscars and beyond, then drop back by tomorrow and Sunday for the calming editorial stylings of Dixon Gaines. We will have peace in our time.

· It was James Franco's blond-wigged, anti-authoritarian, Oscar-hosting world, and the rest of us were just living in it.

· The 83rd Oscar nominations were announced! Which means we had some hot snub action to the max -- but not Jacki Weaver! Woot! Naturally the Oscar Index broke it all down.

· Then a bundle of Oscar nominees dropped by, including Trent Reznor, Sebastian Junger and Gigli-composing refugee John Powell.

· Annnnd the Razzie nominees were announced. Yawn.

· Sundance Sundance Sundance! Ed Helms, breakout star Elizabeth Olsen and a freezing cast of thousands paid Park City (and us) a visit.

· Three cheers for new Verge designee (and No Strings Attached screenwriter) Liz Meriwether!

· Sony vs. Apple: It's on. (Or is it?)

· A real priest helpfully broke down the exorcism genre for all of us. But even he was stumped by Forrest Gump

· Last but hardly, hardly least, we learned that no Charlie Sheen party is complete without a briefcase full of cocaine, a hiatal hernia and "so much porn" (preferably viewed with a porn star, when possible.)