Movieline Premieres Three New Stills From Keanu Reeves' Caper Henry's Crime

Hot on the heels of a warm critical reception in the U.K. come three exclusive stills from the upcoming Keanu Reeves starrer Henry's Crime, a romantic caper about a wrongfully imprisoned man (Keanu, natch) who decides he might as well pull the heist he was accused of upon parole. Hey, why not? Hit the jump for your full look at James Caan, Vera Farmiga, and one of Keanu's brightest scene partners to date!

More context: Keanu is Henry, who enlists James Caan's con man (or Caan man, if you will) to help rob the bank in question. Caan gets Keanu a role in a Chekhov play at the theater next door, acting opposite Vera Farmiga, hence the period costuming. Between rehearsals, they dig a tunnel, hence the Great Keanu Beard. See, it all makes sense! Moving Pictures Films will release Henry's Crime on April 8 in NYC, expanding in the top 10 markets starting April 15.

[Click images for high-res]




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