Watch Adorable Kids Reenact Your Favorite Oscar-Nominated Films

OscarFilmsKids225.jpgIf your primary complaint about The Fighter was that there was not nearly enough nose-picking onscreen, you're in luck. AOL has exploited not one but two parties -- children and Academy Award-nominated motion pictures -- in its new Kids Act Out series, which lets adorable squirts loosely reenact scenes from The Fighter, Black Swan, 127 Hours, The King's Speech and The Social Network. Amusing or insulting, David O. Russell? Watch the videos yourself and decide below.

The Fighter

Black Swan

The Social Network

127 Hours

The King's Speech

For what it's worth, "This is the smartest movie ever" (The Social Network) and "Ew, this is going to be gross" (127 Hours) should probably be co-opted by Sony and Fox Searchlight as part of their respective Oscar campaigns. As for The King's Speech, if Harvey Weinstein is really serious about trimming the film to get a PG-13 rating, having Colin Firth dub "Sally Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore" over the offensive curse words will go a long way to pleasing the ratings board.

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