VIDEO: Watch the Jersey Shore Cast Get Chased By Tigers in a Roman Colliseum

If we could switch out real events for the hilariously animated translation produced by Taiwanese news service NMA, life would be so much more entertaining. Ricky Gervais would have been Tool Time'd by Tim Allen after the Golden Globes, Jeff Zucker would breathe fire, Charlie Sheen would have coked up hotel meltdowns -- oh, wait -- and the Jersey Shore cast would be greeted violently in Italy by riotous locals, a pickle cannon, and a gladiator showdown in which Snooki is forced to out-pace a tiger for survival. Taiwanese justice awaits you after the jump.

Among the highlights in this exaggerated -- yet remarkably realistic -- prediction of what will happen if the cast does film its fourth season in Italy: DJ Pauly D choosing the Olive Garden over authentic Italian cuisine, Vinny mowing down a gondola with a motorcycle, JWoww grinding against Michaelangelo's David, and Snooki literally dropping dead with a drink in her hand. I'd tune into this show. Wouldn't you?