PHOTOS: Battle: Los Angeles Will Show Aliens, Here is a First Look

While the three trailers for the alien invasion flick Battle: Los Angeles have shown maybe 70% of Los Angeles being blown to bits, the aliens have remained more or less obscured. Actually, in the first two, even lead actors Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez were hard to spot. In any case, thanks to Famous Monsters magazine, we now have our first look at what the film's aliens will look like. I'll go ahead and issue a spoiler warning now in case you wanted to play ball with the marketing team and wait until the film opens to see these guys.

Since these are behind-the-scenes pictures of the models, it's probably safe to assume that these "foot soldiers" will still look different once they are CGI-ed all to hell in the movie. The design right now reminds me of a smaller, more cuddly version of the monsters in the Alien movies (at least in that first photo), but have a look for yourself.





[Via Bloody Disgusting]


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